This is a very high quality 2200 watts powerful cylinder vacuum, which provides you with excellent cleaning results on all carpets and hard flooring, and the Miele S5261 Cat and Dog is exceptional at picking up pet hair from carpets and upholstery.

U.K. Delivery Free ! 2 Year Guarantee Free !

The ultimate cylinder vacuum for pet owners and a Winner of Which? Best Buy Award. This vacuum is perfect for homes with stubborn pet hair to clean.

There is a large 4.5 Litres, capacity dust bag and the Miele S5261 gives you a long lasting and powerful deep cleaning experience on your carpets.

Clever silence settings incorporated within this very modern canister combines the lowest noise emissions with the perfect power level for optimum cleaning results on whatever flooring you choose to clean.

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A top quality Turbo-brush is included with powerful rotating air driven rollers. The Turbo brush is ideal for vacuuming cut pile stair carpets and eliminating dust and pet hair from upholstery and other soft fabrics.

The Miele S5261 Cat and Dog is fitted with an extra long cable giving you an impressive 10 metres operating radius, which is ideal for cleaning high and difficult to reach areas.

An Active Air clean filter is installed in this vacuum which combines with the active charcoal cassette to freshen up your air. This is especially useful if you have pets, as it acts as a very efficient 'odour neutraliser'. This vacuum also purifies your indoor air as you vacuum.

Over 99.97% of all dust particles, hair, pollen, smoke and unhealthy allergens are trapped by the highly effective filtration system. Regular vacuuming with this type of allergy vacuum will improve your indoor air quality in no time.

Rotary dial controls are used to vary the suction power levels for different floorings and upholstery. This feature is ideal for cleaning curtains or other soft fabrics that need vacuumed. Simply turn down the suction settings to the desired strength to effectively manage all types of fabrics including area rugs.

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The electronic and rotary dial controls mean that adjusting settings is effortless, and a handy indicator light informs you when you need to change the dust bag, ensuring this vacuum is always running at it's maximum performance level. The weight of this vacuum is 7.7kg.

Excellent manoeuvrability with the Miele S5261 Cat & Dog is provided for high customer satisfaction, thanks to it's 3 smooth castor wheels, and this cylinder is probably the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

There are 3 on-board accessories stored inside the cleaner, including: 1 Crevice nozzle, 1 Upholstery nozzle and a Dusting brush. The upholstery nozzle is excellent for keeping upholstered furniture like your sofa looking in pristine condition.

Miele's dusting brush is ideal for cleaning skirting boards, ornate or curved areas of your home. The crevice nozzle is 15 centimetres, and is perfect for cleaning in tight corners and narrow gaps on upholstery.

The included mattress nozzle is specifically designed for cleaning beds and is suited to reaching between your mattress and the bedstead, while the mini turbo brush 'STB 101', is ideal for vacuuming cut pile stair carpeting and ridding dust and pet hairs from upholstery.

Dimensions of the Miele S5261 vacuum cleaner: Height 22cm, Width 27.5 and Length 48cm.

You will find it difficult to match this highly efficient vacuum cleaner, because it provides you with exceptional cleaning results, and all this from an elegant looking vacuum when you clean your home with the Miele S5261 Premium vacuum.

This vacuum has been thoroughly tested several times on all types of carpets and upholstery, and every time it returns the same stunning cleaning results.

The S5261 vacuum is a fully featured high-tech machine that uses advanced functions, which provide excellent ease of use, which makes vacuuming and cleaning your entire home feel effortless.

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All Miele vacuum cleaners are very durable, will stand the test of time and give great high performance for up to 2 decades. On this vacuum there is 10 year parts and labour cover, including a 2 year manufacturers guarantee.

It's also reassuring to know that The Good Housekeeping Institute have adopted the best Miele canister vacuum cleaners as being worthy and trusted products.

The Miele S5261 Cat and Dog is highly recommended and it will not let you down. You do have a peace of mind 2 years free guarantee, but these vacuums are so well made that you probably will never need to use it. If you buy this vacuum from a link on this site, you can get a 10 year guarantee for a cheap £30.

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