The Vax C90-P2N-C is a fully featured and very powerful cyclonic vacuum that would suit you if you are looking for a deep carpet cleaning experience, and effective filtration that is beneficial for allergy sufferers.

2 Years Guarantee Free ! Powerful Cyclonic Suction!

The 2200 Watts motor provides you with effective powerful bagless suction ability, that gets deep into your carpet fibres. Pet lovers and allergy sufferers are strongly advised to use this machine in every area of their home.

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A huge 265 Air Watts of suction are generated from the Vax motor, which lifts stubborn dirt and hair from all types of carpet pile sizes, and the Vax C90-P2N-C Power 2 is perfect for your hardwood or tiled flooring too.

The HEPA filter traps over 99.97 percent of all dust, mites, pollen, tiny hair strands, airborne allergens and pollutants that come in from outside. Ideal for allergy sufferers.

Fortunately, the Anti-bacterial feature inside this compact Vax hoover is effective in reducing unpleasant odour in your home that can arise from hair in your carpets, or inside the vacuum cleaner itself.

A special Turbo Tool is included with the C90-P2N-C Power 2 Complete for removing embedded pet hair, cleaning your stairs, upholstery, and even car interiors. This bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner is very lightweight at only 6.4kg, making it very easy for you to carry anywhere in your home where you need to clean up quickly and efficiently.

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This Vax Model Comes With a 2 Year Guarantee

There is an extra long reach stretch hose in the delivery package, which allows you to vacuum right to the top of your staircase without having to stop to move the cylinder vacuum or change plug points. This is very handy feature that other vacuum manufacturers surprisingly miss.

If you require to vacuum delicate fabrics like curtains or rugs at home, then the variable power setting should be used. Simply turn down the suction power and you're good to go. A Vax Turbo Brush comes with this vacuum, which is effective for grooming carpet pile, and picking up stubborn pet hair from all types of household furnishings or furniture.

The Vax Power 2 Complete C90-P2N-C has plenty of included accessories: Hard floor tool, crevice cleaning tool, an upholstery tool, and dusting brush, and this Vax model comes with a 2 Year Guarantee to tempt you to break out the credit card.

A large 2.6 Litres dust capacity is included so you empty the dust/debris container less frequently. 6 metres long electric cord. The 'Vax C90-P2N-C cyclonic vacuum' is versatile enough for all floors, and is compact and easy to store away after vacuuming. See our conclusion at the bottom of the page.


The C90-P2N-C Complete Power 2 is very popular because it's extremely powerful and provides exceptional cleaning performance. Furthermore, there are some great features including HEPA, Turbo Brush for pets, Turbo tool, and the long reach stretch hose.

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Ideal for those who are pet owners and for allergy sufferers. I find that pet hair tends to stick to several surfaces at home including furniture. This vacuum is specially designed to lift stubborn pet hair from carpets and upholstery with the powerful turbo tools.

This is a high quality vacuum cleaner that does not cost the earth (under £110) and is built to last. Vax offer a very good 2 Year Guarantee with this model for your peace of mind.

Buy the Vax C90-P2N-C. This model is for all floors in your home, and it's easy to store. Highly recommended, at a very reasonable price!

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