Ways to protect environment

Since we have ignored our environment we have had to face its wrath in the form of melting ice sheets, excessive heat in the summer, and lack of rain, and much more. If you are one of those people looking for ways to protect our environment and do not want to face more severe conditions then each one of us needs to lend a helping hand towards preserving the environment.

Even if all of us cannot go out and do much we can follow a few ways to protect our environment in the home and we shall learn about ways to protect our environment in the home. Do start by doing a check of all the contractors you use in your home and only employ green house cleaners and pool cleaning companies.

7 Ways to Protect Our Environment in the Home

1.  Unplug your appliances when not in use

This is one of the easiest things to do to protect our environment, save money and reduce energy footprint. You perhaps are not aware of the fact that even after you switch off your television it still pulls nearly thirty percent of its power.

It may not be possible for you to check every single room of your house every single night to ensure each of the lamps, appliances, and devices are unplugged. You do not even need to do so but you certainly can at least use power strips and turn them off and on when needed with absolute ease.

One thing you need to remember here is that high-voltage appliances like microwaves and air-conditioners must always directly be plugged into the wall and not into a power strip.

2.  Consider recycling

So, in order to play your role in preserving the environment, you must have started separating paper from plastic and dumping them in separate bins. You, however, can do more than this. Start re-purposing and reusing disposable items.

Instead of dumping the plastic grocery store bags after the first usage, you can reuse them in your bathroom trash bins or you may even use them when you go shopping grocery the next time.

Many people feel that recycling a cereal box will not make much of a difference. The fact, however, is recycling has been getting more and more popular and it has made a big difference and this is something that the EPA also confirms. MSW composting and recycling even causes a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Various cities and states also have recycling-related rebate programs. So, recycling is not only one of the ways to protect our environment, but it also can help you save money.

3.  Use solar energy

If you live in a place with a sunny climate then you must make use of solar energy. Installing solar panels does involve a non-significant investment but you will be saving thousands of dollars in the long run. In just about 3-5 years, you will cover the complete expense of solar panels and thereafter, you will enjoy free power and will be saving a lot each year.

Most states even offer homeowners great tax breaks if they go solar and even provides a part (about 30 percent) of the systems’ expenses, including installation. You will even likely end up producing more energy than you need. Chances are, energy companies will offer you an amount for the surplus which you share with the public electrical grid.

4.  Do not forget your windows

No, we are not saying that you must not use your AC or heater when needed but do not also forget your windows. If you open your blinds at daytime during winters, you will be retaining the sun heat even at night, and if you keep the blinds closed during summer your rooms will stay cooler.

It will be a great idea to open all the windows as this allows a chance for cross-ventilation and even during the hot summers you will enjoy a nice pleasant breeze.

5.  Use an eco-vacuum cleaner

You may be wondering how a vacuum cleaner can help in protecting the environment. Well, not any ordinary but an eco-friendly vacuum can prove helpful.

Electricity expenses are amongst the highest ones that we bear. When you start using an eco-friendly vacuum, things will change for sure. Since such devices use less electricity your bills will go lower. Also, an eco-vacuum will last you really long and thus you will not add to the landfill. If you employ a cleaning company make sure you choose a green house cleaner to clean your home.

6.  Do not waste water

No, this does not mean you have to go days without taking a bath or you have to limit your water intake. You just must not waste water.

One of the easiest ways to protect our environment will be to check for any water leaks in our home, which may be small and thus we have not even noticed them yet, or maybe noticed but avoided. Water leaks, together with wasting water, will also cause water damage to our home, thus adding to our expenses.

7.  Limit meat consumption

Perhaps you will not like this idea much but if you really want to save your environment, you must limit your consumption of meat. You need to understand that what we buy has an effect on the farming industry, which now is an overdrive.

Livestock uses 1.3 tons of grains every year, lots and lots of water, and leads to mass deforestation. Factory farming also contributes to pollution, in a much bigger way than humans. Not only is methane gas being introduced to our air, but our water supply is also being affected.

Many factory farms have no proper waste removal system. Animal waste finds a place in huge, open-air facilities. They often leak into the nearby crops and water supply, and this is harming our environment.

To Conclude

So, we have now learned about a few easy ways to protect our environment. But, why should we care? Is it all that important? Well, a clean environment is necessary for healthy living. Air pollution can lead to cancer, respiratory diseases, and many other problems. Water pollution can cause diarrhea, typhoid, and other water-borne illnesses.

You may have been lucky and not fallen prey to such problems. But does this mean you should not care? If not for you it is time you start worrying about your children. If you want the world to be a safer and healthier place for them to live in then you need to start protecting the environment right from today. Start by handling the issue from your home itself and the entire globe will benefit from it, even if in a small way.

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