Eco Friendly Pool Vacuums

Maintaining a pool can be costly, time-consuming and even hectic for an owner. Creative and modern technologies are available now in the form of eco-friendly pool vacuums which brings a cleaner and innovative solution to your swimming pool and it’s also a way to protect the environment.

Eco friendly pool vacuums

What is an environmentally friendly pool vacuum?

If you have an eco-friendly pool it would be counterproductive not to have an eco-friendly pool vacuum as this type of pool cleaner is an excellent device that uses the power of a pool jet to remove waste from the surface of the water. It is fast enough and eliminates dirt in a fraction of a second.

Eco-friendly pool vacuums utilize the suction from the drains, efficiently doubling the power of the filtering system. And since they do not require any additional power, it saves your money by minimizing it’s impact on the pool.

The workings of this type of pool vacuum is simpler than the conventional ones. The main difference is that eco friendly pool vacuums are attached to an exhaust system and work separately on the motor which enables you to wash the entire pool in a short time. This does not only save time but also reduces damage reducing costs.

These vacuums are proved to be energy efficient as they have the ability to clean the surface gathering dust and waste inside an in-built multi layered filter bowl.

This excellent feature removes the load from the pool filter in an effective manner. It also decreases the need to clean water thus energy is reduced by almost 30%.

However, the pool vacuum improves the drainage facility so well that the water is recycled effectively to reduce the quantity of contaminants to keep the water clean. These automatic pool cleaners not only reduce your electricity bills each month but also offer several other advantages.

Reasons why we need eco friendly pool vacuums

Eco friendly pool vacuums do not work on a motor or a filter for power generation. You can attach them directly through a regular electrical outlet. These vacuums also have their waste filtration and a built-in canister to collect dust particles.

As they are energy efficient, just imagine the savings that you can get each month! These ultra innovative cleaners has the capability to run regularly to ensure the flow of water. While the vacuum cleaner is in motion, you can also switch it off anytime.

Frequent cleaning of the pool’s filtration system is not required as fewer chemicals will be used here. In addition to this, the goal of this eco friendly pool vacuums are fully independent of the pump and central filtration systems of the pool. It ensures that while the pool is being cleaned, the water is purified perfectly which gives it a sparkling look.

Such vacuum pool cleaners have an overall voltage of 180W. There is a need for huge power consumption in the conventional pumps as they are powered by hydraulic systems. But this eco friendly pool vacuums saves a lot of energy because of it’s low voltage so that the filter unit can be used for a long time at the lowest flow possible. It is especially helpful for larger pools with variable pumping system it offers.

5 best eco friendly pool vacuums

Dolphin Pool Cleaner

This pool vacuum features an advanced technology which adapts to the pool’s shape and size. It introduces an algorithm to make the pool to be completely covered while cleaning. The brush mechanism is of high quality with a pattern that lifts and ensures ultra-efficiency for dust and dirt. Also as a bonus, this cleaner will save a lot of money and reduce the impact on the environment.

Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner

This Dolphin cleaner is based on an energy efficient model. The manufacturing component comprises of numerous adapters for extracting pollen, algae, and debris which are collected inside the pool. There is also a firm grip track, which means the surfaces of the pool are safer than that of alternate models. This Eco-friendly pool vacuum is a bit expensive. It also has some difficulty in operating with oval or curved pools.

Aquabot Pool Rover

The Aquabot pool cleaner can be an attractive option if the price range of the previous two vacuum cleaners frightens you. This cleaner is easily affordable and offers an impeccable range of features. The cleaner can repair up algae, dirt, and grimes in its filter bag which is of a configurable cleaning pattern. The propeller mechanism is also tested in larger pools and the wheels are technically designed to treat sensitive materials, such as vinyl.

Polaris Pool Vacuum

This four-wheeler eco-friendly pool vacuum uses a high technology sensor system which makes it a complete package. Even at narrow corners of your pool, this strong vacuum cleaner can wipe out dirt and debris easily. The cleaner also has a configurable seven-day cycle for convenience.

This cleaner however, does not fit well with the walls of the pool. The programming feature also sometimes shortens out, so you may have to restart it regularly for scheduled clean-ups of your pool. Although these issues are relatively common, the price is comparatively cheaper than other models available in the market.

Aquabot Basic Pool Cleaner

This eco-friendly pool vacuum is ideal and compliant with most of the swimming pools. It is also accessible at a modest price and proved to be sufficient for smaller pools.

It is designed with a mapping algorithm which has the capability to sense the structure of the pool allowing it to function even more efficiently for different form and designs.

The system also contains a high-end pump filter which can be used in the pool with less chemicals. However, the brush braces are a major concern for these filters. They are extremely fragile and may need to be replaced regularly.

Final Verdict

The cleanliness of your pool is a major factor which you can’t deny at all. Even good eco-friendly vacuum cleaners have their limitations and each cleaner has unique features and available in different prices. It’s always best to make sure before finalizing a purchase. So buy the one, that suits all your pool needs!

Green Vacuum Cleaners

Green vacuum cleaners are fast becoming popular. Cleaning our house is a part of our regular household chores that we cannot avoid at any cost. You’ll come across a plethora of cleaning appliances and chemical substances at present which produce lots of emissions every time they are used.

However, it is possible to change all these which will help to save our money and also help the environment at the same time. Changing to green vacuum cleaners will be one of the most effective methods that we can avail of.

Green cleaning is an important concept for everyone.

Green Vacuum Cleaners

What is an environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner?

It is a fact that vacuums make use of plenty of energy while cleaning our residences, and some use more as compared to the others. Try to go for a vacuum such as a green vacuum cleaner which will use less energy and have outstanding suction power simultaneously.

Reasons why we need to buy an environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner:

Below, we have mentioned the top 3 reasons why we should make use of green vacuum cleaners at present.

  1. Eco-friendly implies that you are going to use a lesser amount of electricity which means that your electric bill is going to go down. In this way, this will help to minimize a significant amount of your expenditure every single month. While using an eco-friendly vacuum, you’ll be assured of the fact that it makes use of less electricity in the long run.
  2. The life of a regular vacuum cleaner is estimated to be approximately 2 to 3 years. Most of them break and there is no point in repairing them. However green vacuum cleaners are meant to serve you for a long time and you can also repair them.
  3. Purchasing an eco-friendly vacuum cleaner implies that you are not going to throw it away at an interval of every few years and fill the landfill. Moreover, a green vacuum will help to keep your residence much cleaner too.
  4. Using a green vacuum is one of the ways to protect our environment.

5 Best Green Vacuum Cleaners

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 5 best green vacuum cleaners on the market at present.

1. Gtech AirRam vacuum cleaner

best green vacuum

In case you are worried about heavyweight, tangling cords and dust clouds of the vacuum cleaners out there, then this particular breathtaking eco-friendly vacuum cleaner will help you significantly. It is a lightweight and high-performance cordless vacuum cleaner that comes with an exclusive compression technology that will help to save energy. The technology will help you in collecting the dust in compact bales which can be easily thrown into the bin. Last but not least, this device has been powered by a robust and top-quality Li-ion battery.


green vacuum cleaners

Although we have to struggle to keep our residences clean on a daily basis, we tend to forget how we are harming the environment in this way. However, this IMETEC ECO E1 mentioned here happens to be one of the most competent green vacuum cleaners on the market which is known to consume 50% less energy as compared to the other traditional vacuum cleaners. This device is going to create a “vacuum” mini cyclone by using its natural bristles. This system will allow the cleaner to suck in the grime and dirt easily and quickly while helping to save energy too.

3. Vacs From the Sea

Produced by a reputed company called Electrolux this particular version will help to increase the awareness about the intimidating amount of plastic in the oceans. The home appliance manufacturer collected plastic by sending teams to all the 5 oceans across the world and tried to make a contribution to the environment. This waste plastic which was polluting the oceans was given the shape of a limited edition of vacuum cleaners that are working effectively and also are quite attractive at the same time.

4. Blinq

This particular green vacuum cleaner is a fantastic option for any person who likes to vacuum the difficult-to-reach areas. While purchasing this vacuum mentioned here, you have the option of buying factory refurbished vacuum components which help to promote recycling plus repairing of products rather than simply disposing of them.

Amongst the notable eco-friendly features that are present in this vacuum, the most notable is perhaps the presence of the vibrant and energy-efficient LED lights on the front part of the model which aid in illuminating the cleaning region without making use of much additional power. It is also very simple to empty this vacuum cleaner and it does not emit much sound either while operating.

Moreover, this device is noted for being lightweight at only 8 pounds which is definitely a positive aspect in the long run. In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable green vacuum cleaner, then this product will definitely not disappoint you.

5. Dirt Devil

At present, the majority of individuals who are looking for green vacuum cleaners on the market are already familiar with the name of Dirt Devil. It is a simple-to-use and lightweight vacuum cleaner which is extremely portable and comes with a bagless design.

As a result, you can easily carry it up and down the stairs to any place you like and is appropriate for vacuuming small and difficult-to-reach areas.

Apart from this, this compact-sized vacuum is going to use less energy as compared to any regular vacuum cleaner on the market and is also appropriate for any carpeted surface out there. You can easily get rid of your pet hair with the help of this vacuum cleaner.

Apart from manufacturing this astounding device, the company is also known to take care of the environment. It has come into partnership with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation for helping in the recycling of the batteries. Incidentally, it happens to be the biggest and most reliable battery recycling program in North America at present.


Let us hope that this comprehensive list of the top 5 most efficient green vacuum cleaners will help you to make your task of purchasing your preferred device quite easy. However, there are also other similar products on the market than those mentioned above and you should take them into consideration as well. It will be a sensible idea to go online and look at the reviews from the previous uses which will provide you with a fair idea on these incredible gadgets.